I arrived at Murang'a School for the Deaf in February, 2000 to visit one of the teachers, Hadar Dafny, a Peace Corp Volunteer in her second year of service. Although I had no experience signing, I still wanted to experience life at the school. The children were so eager to talk to me, but all I could do was smile and wave. My icebreaker came when one of the younger students started to show me the personal sign names of all the students. One by one I learned them, and then they made up a sign name for me-a camera with a big zooming motion to signify my lens. (The deaf develop sign names that usually reflect a personality trait or physical feature.) I let them hold my big, heavy camera and showed them how to look through the lens so they could see the way I see and by signing their names, I communicated the way they communicate. Ten days later I was accepted into their community, I earned their trust and was granted permission to follow, observe and photograph them. Here is what I found.